Is Google now the only search engine?

The world of SEO is a bottomless pit of information, some accurate some false. What is undisputed though, is the dominant market share Google holds, as of 2019 Google’s market share is over 90%.

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day equating to 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide (Google search stats). So when we talk about SERP we are undoubtedly looking squarely at Google.

Flexible Factors

If you are already aware of any issues with your website you can pick and choose any or all aspects of the 4 SEO factors for us to work on for you. Otherwise we undertake a full review of your website and highlight which Factors you will require.

If you decide to use our services our straightforward payment schedule allows you to easily spread the cost of development.

Getting users to your website

With over 200 Google ranking factors, getting your website to the top of any search is much harder these days. How many Google Best Practice ticks your website triggers equates to how well you rank in search engine results pages (SERP).

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Search Factors

  • Website loading time
  • Links internal/external
  • Targeted & Niche keywords
  • Meta tags - Title/Description/Alt
  • Targeted Schema mark up
  • Robots.txt
  • Custom error pages
  • Image optimisation
  • Code optimisation
  • XML map
  • Google penalties check
  • Local rankings

Getting users to stay on your site

Once you start getting website traffic, you then need to make sure you retain that traffic. Clicking away quickly helps the search engine learn that your website was not a good search fit, which negatively affects your ranking.

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Retention factors

  • Responsive design
  • UX Design
  • Navigation
  • Site search
  • Customer-focused content
  • Text optimisation
  • Breadcrumb trail
  • Cookies plugin
  • GDPR help
  • Google Search Console set up

Getting users to convert

The ultimate objective behind all SEO is to get users to perform an action. Whether this is to buy a product or service, register an interest or contact a business. Having compelling content with appropriate and well-placed calls to action is essential in achieving this action.

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Conversion factors

  • Appropriate targeted calls to action
  • Competitor price/product analysis
  • SSL Certification
  • Secure checkouts
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Google analytics set up
  • Product or service reviews

Getting users to share your site

Social media currently drives everything from news articles to kids toys. You name it and it was probably started by a tweet, blog or hashtag. The ranking impact of positive and indeed negative social shares and reviews can be profound for small businesses.

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Social factors

  • Social media channel identification
  • Social media button integration
  • Blog set up
  • Email/newsletter sign up
  • Regular targeted blog posts help
  • Nap footprint
  • Customer service reviews

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SEO Services

Our 4 Factors SEO Review focuses primarily on on-page SEO factors. Identifying SEO gaps in your website and formulating strategies to correct these gaps. Our ultimate goal is to help you create an SEO strategy that you can continue and maintain yourself. There are obviously technical aspects that require expertise but once set up, you should be able to continue your own SEO maintenance.

Search Factors

On-page optimisation focussed on the technical aspects of SEO. Code debt – Badly written and outdated code leads to slow and insecure pages. We take a look under the hood of your website and highlight any code or function issues that might negatively impact your ranking. Search Factors

Retention Factors

Cookies and GDPR plugins for a trustworthy and secure experience. Site searches and intuitive navigation for easy user browsing. Natural responsive UX design, clear calls to action and customer-focussed content for maximum user engagement. Retention Factors

Conversion Factors

Through competitor analysis, we can pinpoint which competitors are ranking well in your field and why. Helping you to identify more customer-focused niche keywords and phrases to incorporate into your content. Our experts also undertake a keyword audit to highlight current keyword rankings and status.

Monitoring and assessing the impact of any SEO changes is vital to successful SEO so we integrate web analytics and Google Search Console into your website. Conversion Factors

Social Factors

Social media is a very powerful bridge between businesses and customers. We help you identify your most appropriate social media channel and set up social media links on your website and set up a blog for you to better communicate with your customers base. Social Factors