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Providing professional and affordable website design, ecommerce, SEO and bespoke software solutions for small businesses in Swansea and Cardiff.

Why Sandfish Design

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Google optimised

Every website we create is designed in accordance with Google's best practice guidelines and fully tested using Google Search Console.

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Responsive designs

All our websites are fully responsive. Based on a fluid grid system and utilising media queries and CSS to deliver device-specific designs.

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A content management system is provided with all website designs. Allowing customers to easily update their content.

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Web design

User retention is dependent upon great UX website design, easy navigation and relevant, engaging content. Users should be able to find what they want as quickly and easily as possible. Our optimised and attractive designs utilise intuitive functionality and compelling content that directs visitors to important information smoothly and efficiently.

Responsive design from the start means an emphasis on the ever-growing importance of mobile shoppers. By prioritising their needs we ensure that their browsing experience is both effortless and enjoyable.

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UK ecommerce sales in 2017 reached £586 billion, but 69% of shopping carts are abandoned. No wonder most online retailers are pulling their hair out in frustration. Shoppers expect and indeed now demand a smooth shopping experience, with speedy checkouts, visible security, intuitive product searches and honest reviews. If this doesn’t describe your online shop then you’re in trouble.

Our ecommerce solutions provide users with a hassle-free, secure and easy checkout process. Powerful reporting tools, Search Engine Optimised design and a scalable platform, empowering you to create your own successful online store.

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Bespoke software

A Bespoke software system is a piece of software that has been tailor-made to fit a specific requirement or need. It takes time to build and is nearly always more expensive than an ‘off the shelf’ solution.

Our first step for any software development is a comprehensive systems analysis. This allows all parties to make a considered and informed decision on if, how and when to proceed with development. We deliver robust software solutions based on agile development doctrines, which add value, complement, extend or replace existing systems.

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Search engine optimisation is the process of manipulating the position of a website so that it appears nearer the top of search results. There are over 200 ranking factors used by Google including, relevant keywords and phrases, general website content, loading speeds, responsiveness, attractive design, code optimisation, internal/external links and functionality all contributing to the overall SEO capital of your website.

Without these and other factors your great looking website can’t actually be seen by anyone. You’re the tucked-away shop that just can’t get onto the Google high street. Our team of professionals can provide you with genuine cost-effective and practical SEO advice and hands-on support that can get your website back on track.

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Responsive layouts

A responsive website layout allows all your web pages to display seamlessly on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A website’s responsivity is a significant ranking signal in Google’s search algorithm. This means all older websites that are not responsive will be penalised in the SERP by Google. Google figures with 77% of adults owning smartphones and mobile browsing surpassing desktop browsing, having a website that displays properly on all devices is pretty important to users.

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